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Open circuit resistance measurement method

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The open-circuit resistance measurement method refers to the method of determining the quality by measuring the resistance between each pin of the integrated circuit and the ground pin when the integrated circuit is not connected to other circuits.

The integrated circuit has a ground pin (GND), and there is a certain resistance between the other pins and the ground pin. Since the internal circuit of the same type of integrated circuit is the same, each pin of the same type of normal integrated circuit is The resistance between the ground pins is the same. According to this, the method of measuring resistance with an open circuit can be used to judge the quality of an integrated circuit.

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The open circuit resistance measurement method is used to determine whether the integrated circuit is good or bad, and it is suitable for most integrated circuits. Its disadvantage is that it needs to find a normal integrated circuit of the same model as a control during the test. The method to solve this problem is to measure more commonly. 

The open circuit resistance data of the integrated circuit, so that it can be used as a reference when detecting the same type of integrated circuit in the future, and you can also refer to some information to obtain this data. The following figure is a commonly used integrated circuit LM324 with four operational amplifiers. The following table lists the open circuit resistance data. The measurement uses a digital multimeter 200kΩ block. 

There are two sets of data in the table. One set is the data measured by the red test lead connected to pin 11 (ground pin), the black test lead connected to the other pins, and the other The group is the black test lead connected to the 11-pin, and the red test lead connected to the other measured data. When detecting the quality of the LM324, you should also use the 200kΩ of the digital multimeter, and then compare the measured data of each foot with the data in the table to determine the location Test the quality of the integrated circuit.

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