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The Hong Kong Special Administrative region Government supports

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The seasonally adjusted economy fell 3.2 per cent month-on-month from July to September, causing the economy to shrink to 1.3 per cent in 2019. Looking ahead, Mr Law said: "the unemployment rate will face increasing upward pressure, while local violence will continue to cause serious damage to the economy." "economy class". According to him, the government will "closely monitor the development of the situation."

Bar Pacific’s intimate small wedding reception hong kong are here to help you turn your big day into a collection of seamless and unforgettable moments.It noted that the Ministry of Labour identified job vacancies for job seekers with different educational backgrounds and work experience in different departments. It has also organized large-scale job fairs in various places, and held industry and regional job fairs in recruitment centres and employment agencies to speed up the dissemination of information. And help job seekers find jobs. CCI France Italia has more than 30 years of recruitment experience and provides 360-degree business support services to display the most popular French-Italian profiles.

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At the heart of the Franco-Italian business community, the French-Italian Chamber of Commerce (France Italia Chamber Of Commerce) enjoys the privilege of contacting French-speaking companies and even international companies and candidates. In addition, for more than 30 years, as a result of its recruitment and business support services, it has helped to facilitate and accelerate the management of the entire process of finding candidates, selection and recommendations for final selection. The best overview of the company and its development in Italy.

From accounting to finance, through IT profiles, engineering and manufacturing, marketing and communication, sales and business development, agri-food, transport and logistics, as well as procurement, production, research and development, human resources and law, the Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to a large number of French-Italian candidates, including middle and top management.

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