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分享 Want smarter outdoor lighting at home? Below are your options
gaikiu 2020-2-18 09:15
You will find all sorts of motives why you might want to smarten up the lights inside of your respective home -- the comfort of automation, as an illustration, or maybe the novelty attraction of color-changing lights. You've got extra smart lights possibilities than previously, mainly due to the fa ...
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分享 Upgrading Your Credit card Terminals? 6 Factors to think about
gaikiu 2020-1-21 12:14
Credit-card processors have changed a great deal lately, and if you have been in business to get a even though, you may be serious about upgrading your methods. potentially you will be hunting to receive an EMV chip reader, or wish to insert near-field-communication (NFC) technologies in your re ...
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分享 Stress and Flow: A Tutorial for Espresso Experts
gaikiu 2019-12-31 16:09
Near Cousins Knowing stress within an espresso device is simple in lots of respects. We have a couple of benchmarks for extraction that have been borne outside of many years of experience and we are quite adept at creating enough of it for many equipment, but it really invariably will come right ...
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分享 Odd parity Generator
gaikiu 2019-12-17 11:53
three little bit Odd parity Generator Suppose at the transmitting end now we have now a 3-bit information sign and we would like to transmit it employing odd parity. Then, the parity little bit created, p, can be on account of odd parity generation. The whole range of 1s within the enter bits sh ...
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分享 現在是進行公開發行(IpO)引發ETF價格戰的時候了嗎?
gaikiu 2019-3-4 11:06
  隨著國內ETF市場的激烈競爭,公共資金的利率戰也將瀕臨。 2月12日,平安基金宣布其創業板ETF管理費為0.15%/年,托管費率為0.05%/年。此前,市場上大多數股票ETF的管理率為0.5%/年。   業內人士認為,降低指數基金在全球市場的利率是時代潮流,將給更多的投資者帶來利益。然而,對於ETF產品還處於初級階段 ...
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分享 中美爭端牽動全球市場,從人民幣到黃金再到美債!
gaikiu 2018-10-12 15:17
野村分析師BilalHafeez最新撰文指出,對於全球市場的投資者而言,近期很難不註意到美中關係日益惡化給市場帶來的影響。 美國總統特朗普的聯大演講指責中國幹預美國大選,上周四美國副總統彭斯更是發表了針對中國的“檄文”式演講,一天後,美國國防部發布了關於加強軍隊的評估報告,重點提到了中國。該報告還將中國 ...
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分享 螞蟻金服尹銘:“多收多保“的碼商超2500萬人
gaikiu 2018-6-27 17:22
    得碼商者得天下。碼商者即用二維碼武裝自己的小微商家。由於碼商眾多,在我國經濟發展過程中,小微企業的作用舉足輕重。央行行長易綱在陸家嘴論壇上說,截至2017年末,中小微企業(含個體工商戶)占全部市場主體的比重超過90%,貢獻了全國80%以上的就業,70%以上的發明專利,60%以上的GDP和50%以上的稅收。因此爭 ...
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