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Tips for choosing hk company secretary service

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The use of Hong Kong registered companies for overseas trade is conducive to the successful conclusion of foreign trade transactions and the establishment of its own brand is a long-term strategy for the company's development. Using the Hong Kong registered company account to collect payments from overseas customers can eliminate the need to transfer funds through other foreign trade companies to avoid a passive situation where the agency funds cannot be received in a timely manner.

In addition, foreign trade companies in the Mainland do import and export business, and the agency can directly understand that there is a risk of leaking information about customer information and company profits. However, even after the establishment of a Hong Kong company , even if foreign trade companies are entrusted to do import and export business of mainland goods, they only contact the information of Hong Kong companies to avoid the danger of information leakage.

However, it should be noted that companies registered in Hong Kong need to find the services of a Hong Kong company secretary.

Which Hong Kong company secretarial service is good for registering a Hong Kong company?

Each Hong Kong company secretarial service has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to find one that suits you, you can only compare it through various factors, not just the price. It is recommended to compare the later services, because the later services can reflect the quality of the company's sales staff and the company's service level.

In addition, we can also observe from the following two aspects:

1. Is Hong Kong's company secretarial service adequate to understand your quest and make appropriate suggestions.

2. Whether Hong Kong company secretarial services can provide follow-up quality services.

Many times the Hong Kong company secretarial service promises a lot of things in order to get more orders. Once the customer chooses the company, they will find that the original promises are greatly discounted or not even fulfilled.

Therefore, when choosing a Hong Kong company secretary service, you must shop around.

After the establishment of a company, it is natural to develop business, but whether it is to sell products or services, it is necessary to establish a brand, in order to protect the business, the registration of Hong Kong trademark and patent application can not be ignored.

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