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Benefits of buying Hong Kong based companies.

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Some investors may need a Hong Kong company urgently, or a company that needs a certain month. Buying an existing company is the fastest and best choice.

What is a ready-made company?

A ready-made company is a company pre-established by a Hong Kong registered service company , a Hong Kong secretary company or a Hong Kong law firm to operate in a timely manner upon receipt of instructions from clients.

When investors buy existing companies in Hong Kong, they only need to find a formal and formal secretary company in Hong Kong , and they can help to deal with it quickly.

Is it safe to buy a Hong Kong company?

Usually, it is safe to buy a ready-made company that has never started any business. At the time of purchase, the investor only needs to provide the required documents, and will be able to complete the review soon and start using it without worrying about any hidden risks.

When buying a ready-made Hong Kong company, you must choose a formal institution, otherwise there is also the possibility of potential risks.

What are the advantages of buying a Hong Kong company?

1. The required time is short, and the operation can start in 2-5 days after all materials are prepared;

2. The procedure is very simple and can be put into use after registration;

3. Save a lot of costs for registration of Hong Kong companies ;

4. Change the name at any time, but there will be government fees.

How to buy a ready-made Hong Kong company?

1. Confirm the company name

2. Submit shareholder data

3. Fill in the power of attorney and sign the agreement

4. Pay down payment

5. Sign statutory documents

6. Collect the green box and pay the balance

Can I change the registered capital and name after buying a ready-made Hong Kong company?

It is possible to change the registered capital, but generally only increase the registered capital, and the reduction will be more troublesome. You can increase the authorised share capital at any time, but for every HK$1,000 of the authorized share capital, you will have to pay the government fee of HK$1. After increasing the authorized share capital, you can place shares to the remaining shareholders as needed.

You can also change the company name at any time, but you have to go through the search before the change. If you don't have the same, you can submit the file to the company registry to change the name. It takes about 7-10 working days. After successful, you can receive the company. A certificate of renaming issued by the Registry.

After the establishment of a company, it is natural to develop business, but whether it is to sell products or services, it is necessary to establish a brand, in order to protect the business, the registration of Hong Kong trademark and patent application can not be ignored.

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