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Why to seek Hong Kong secretary company to handle?

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Why register Hong Kong company to need to seek Hong Kong secretary company to deal with?Many first-time entrepreneurs register Hong Kong companies, do not know the process of registering Hong Kong companies, in order to save time, usually choose Hong Kong secretary company.

Why do so many mainland investors register with Hong Kong companies?

The number of registered companies in Hong Kong has maintained rapid growth, which is largely related to mainland entrepreneurs or investment. They hope to carry out import and export trade and build their own brands through the registration of Hong Kong companies, so as to increase the weight of enterprises in international competition and make them go further and become stronger.

Why register Hong Kong company to need to seek Hong Kong secretary company to deal with?

1. Under chapter 32 of the laws of Hong Kong, a limited liability company registered in Hong Kong must appoint a company secretary to fulfil its statutory obligations. It is responsible for reporting to the companies registry changes in the company structure, shareholders and directors. It is also responsible for preparing the board's agenda for company meetings, preparing annual general meetings and providing professional advice and advice on relevant statutory ordinances.

2. From the process analysis of the registered Hong Kong company, the registered Hong Kong company needs to be very familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of Hong Kong, as well as the registration process. Perhaps some mainland investors are very familiar with the registration process of mainland companies, but Hong Kong's registration system and the mainland has always been a big difference, they may not be on the registration process of Hong Kong companies.

3. To register a Hong Kong company, it is necessary to deal with multiple government agencies. Once you do not understand some legal details, the application may not be approved, wasting time and missing business opportunities.

4. Most first-time entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with the policies and information of the bank, so opening an account rashly may lead to multiple reviews but fail; Handle open an account through company of Hong Kong secretary, can obtain more professional answer and proposal, in addition the Hong Kong secretary company of regular major major is met mostly with each big bank the relation that cooperates for a long time, the success rate that handles a bank to hold a meeting is relatively a lot of taller.

After the establishment of a company, it is natural to develop business, but whether it is to sell products or services, it is necessary to establish a brand, in order to protect the business, the registration of Hong Kong trademark and patent application can not be ignored.

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