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The advantages of Hong Kong trademark registration

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Owning a Hong Kong trademark is a choice for more and more enterprises. On the one hand, it can break into the Hong Kong market; on the other hand, it can enhance the influence of its own brand.

From the perspective of Hong Kong trademark system, the advantages of Hong Kong trademark registration mainly include the following aspects:

The subject applying for a Hong Kong trademark

Trademark registration service hk, there is no requirement on main body qualification, individual, enterprise can put forward a request, without any limitation, and need to submit id card to be able to be dealt with only sometimes.

The official charge is relatively low

Hong Kong trademark request is to fulfill a table of many categories, but also suitable for the calculation of registration fees. In a table of many classes, the first class is a price, the second class can enjoy half price.

There is no limit to the number of products and services available in Hong Kong trademark applications. Under one category, you can fill in the names of products and services as you wish. In the meantime, business change, counter-statement submits etc are free.

The special system of "counter-statement" of Hong Kong trademark

After application and investigation, if the same or similar trademark is found, the government will "object" to the trademark application, and the applicant shall file a "counter-statement" on time, that is, rejection and review.

In this case, it is easier for the applicant to obtain the trademark right if there are two specific systems as follows:

A. Requirement to separate the application: in the multi-category application of one form, the part with high registration risk can be separated from the part with lower risk, and one application can be changed into two, but the government fee needs to be increased.

B. Request for combined registration: the trademark pattern itself is at risk, which may be combined with other registered trademark applications. After the combination, the trademark pattern shall change the main features before, so as to reduce the risk.

C. Request for amendment application: if part of the goods or services in the application are at risk, the applicant may request for amendment application, which will damage the products at risk to achieve the effect of risk reduction.

Hong Kong trademark registration cycle is relatively short

The fastest trademark registration in the world is myanmar trademark, followed by British trademark, eu trademark and Hong Kong trademark. The minimum trademark registration period in Hong Kong is 6 months, which is much faster than that of most countries and regions in the world.

To sum up, registering company service and trademark in Hong Kong does have many advantages. With the acceleration of economic globalization, the registration of Hong Kong trademarks has become a very necessary condition for the development of enterprises.

For more information about the advantages of Hong Kong trademark registration, please visit JV Consultants Limited (http://www.jvchk.com).






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