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一秒捕捉用戶眼球 APP引導頁該如何設計? 2020-01-10
APP設計 中引導頁該如何設計?當第一次打開一款APP時,經常會看到設計精美的引導頁。引導頁能幫助用戶了解APP,並提前讓用戶獲取APP產品功能、特點與熱門資訊等 ...
Tips for choosing hk company secretary service 2019-12-27
The use of Hong Kong registered companies for overseas trade is conducive to the successful conclusion of foreign trade transactions and the establ ...
Hong Kong registered company removed from government 2019-12-20
Some Hong Kong registered companies were removed from the government due to violations. In the face of this situation, it is recommended that Hong ...
Why was a Hong Kong registered company delisted? 2019-12-13
When I was preparing for the annual review, I found that the Hong Kong company was inexplicably removed, which will cause a lot of trouble to many co ...
What are the different ways for Hong Kong companies to report taxes? 2019-12-06
As we all know, registered Hong Kong companies can enjoy the advantages of less taxes and lower tax rates. But many people who are interested in s ...
Registration of Hong Kong companies requires preparation and steps 2019-11-29
As the main window and platform for foreign trade and investment in mainland China, more and more investors at home and abroad have chosen different ...


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