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Hong Kong registered companies operating needing attention 2019-07-19
If a Hong Kong registered company operates in the mainland, it needs to register with the industrial and commercial authorities of the mainland. Be ...
How to choose a Hong Kong enterprise service provider? 2019-07-12
As the world's third trading center, Hong Kong is the same as New York and London, and has become the "Nuremport". It can be seen that Hong Kong's ec ...
What are the benefits of buying an existing Hong Kong company? 2019-07-05
There are usually two ways to set up a company in Hong Kong : to register a Hong Kong company or to buy an existing one. There are two ways to bu ...
Is it really so good to be registered in Hong Kong? 2019-06-28
Hong Kong is an international city , and the freest trading port in the world. Therefore, more and more businessmen from home and abroad set up thei ...
What should I do to cancel a Hong Kong registered company? 2019-06-21
In recent years, more and more enterprises choose to set up companies in Hong Kong , mainly because the Hong Kong company registration process is si ...
How can a foreigner register a company in Hong Kong? 2019-06-14
How can a foreigner register a company in Hong Kong ? Due to the favorable business conditions and special geographical location, more and more for ...


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